Our Story



Hi there! We are Poorani and Jess – two Sydneysiders that live and breathe cake. We love every part of the cake making process and we're smiling and having fun in the Paintbrush Patisserie kitchen even when we've been baking away for hours! 


We specialise in custom made, hand-painted cakes for every celebration – birthdays, weddings, holidays and more. If you can dream it, we can bake it.

You want rosewater cupcakes? No problem.

You want chai flavoured frosting? Eaaaasy.

You want a unicorn? You got it.

(Disclaimer: Unicorn is made from icing or painted on cake. Real unicorns are hard to find.)


As food technologists by profession, we know how important it is to use only the best ingredients in our orders. You can be assured that our delicious creations only have the wholesome good stuff that will keep you wanting more!


About us




My love of food started as a child when I would help my grandad cook in our kitchen in Singapore. With a background as a Pastry Chef, I worked in various kitchens - mixing, decorating and plating, until I realised one day that I was slowly creating the concept that is Paintbrush Patisserie in my head all day long! I brought Paintbrush Patisserie to life in January 2015 and have loved feeding people cake (aka happiness) ever since!



The first time I had a Paintbrush Patisserie cupcake it was love at first bite. I knew that this was something beautiful that I wanted to be a part of creating! I believe that cake is more than just a food, but an experience that should put a smile on your face. And for me it is a privilege to be able to create that Paintbrush Patisserie moment with our customers.